Kaufmann Index names Montana as a treasure trove of entrepreneurs

MONTANA — The Kaufmann Index, an important mark of new business activity and success in the United States, indicates that Montana is No. 1 for entrepreneurs two years running. According to the index 540 of every 100,00 Montanans are starting up a new business.

In a state where new entrepreneurs was growing before the recession, this is a welcome sign. Because there were a number of new construction startups affected when the economy took a nosedive, startups have been on the decline from 2007 until a few years ago. The current trend started to show in 2011, says the Montana Labor Market Information Office.

Thanks to advances in globalization, technology, crowd funding and the power of social media, entrepreneurs are on the rise again in The Treasure State. And thanks to current markets and the savviness of new business developers, entrepreneurs are able to compete on the world stage.

Source: Montana Associated Technology Roundtable

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