Rocky Mountain Homes — help wanted for booming business

HAMILTON, Mont. — Rocky Mountain Homes of Hamilton is in a bit of a pickle — business is booming, but workers are hard to find. Business is enjoying a brisk uptick due to a healthy state economy and high demand for housing.

Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of skilled labor to meet that demand. Company president Tim Rybiski has made some changes, including a new, shorter name: Rocky Mountain Homes and almost triple the amount of business. Unfortunately, with that comes the challenge of meeting all that new construction with an adequate workforce.

Rocky Mountain Homes is especially seeking carpenters and framers, placing ads in publications from Montana to the West Coast. He is offering $20 an hour for qualified workers. With the current uptick in Montana’s housing industry, combined with the recent recession, most skilled laborers are currently employed — either at their trade, or another.

Those who left construction during the recession are finding themselves in high demand as they return from other employment like oil field work. Bitterroot Job Service web page currently has 137 job postings and the unemployment rate in Ravalli County is 4.7 percent.

Rybiski currently employs 70 people, and is confident in continued momentum. His five-year goal is for 200 employees in the newly transformed company. Part of that transformation includes the offer of a full construction service and not simply pre-fabricated log homes. “Full construction service” includes everything from design to finished home.

Because of the shortage of workers, Rocky Mountain has had to be a little more selective with jobs — a great problem to have in the short term, but nothing that a manufacturer wants to face everyday.

For more information about possible job opportunities in Hamilton and Ravalli County, please contact the company directly.

Source: Ravalli Republic


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