Billings construction work is booming, no end in sight

BILLINGS, Mont. — Billings new construction is keeping area builders hopping this year, and shows no sign of slowing. With growth in the West End and the east urban area, construction companies are seeing immediate progress with no signs of a break. The majority of major construction projects include school expansions, hospital renovations and commercial retail.

And let’s not forget the housing shortage, creating several significant opportunities for new housing projects like the new Interpointe apartments in Billings West End. The apartment complex, managed by Tamarack Properties, is soon to be joined by the Interurban complex to be open within the next years. Both properties cite a boom in demand for rental housing and the decline in unemployment as major factors for the housing demand.

Within the commercial and municipal sector, Billings-based Dick Anderson Construction is the general constractor for the three largest projects in the city: Medicine Crow Middle School, Wyndstone Apartments in Heights and McKinley Middle School. These construction endeavors are the top three construction sites going on in Billings at the moment. (See table below).

A few other major construction projects include a $2.3 million new Billings office for HDR Engineering and a multi-million dollar renovation of Rimrock Mall and Billings Logan International Airport.

New construction experienced a 12.8 percent bump from January to September of last year. Contractors continue to have difficulty finding workers to fill important skilled labor positions to keep their business humming at a brisk pace.

Source: Billings Gazette


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