Bozeman’s Wisetail schools competition in employee learning

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Wisetail, a software company based in Bozeman, earned a top spot among global competitors from industry watchers Training Industry, Inc., who has its eye on developing tech companies that are changing the world of training for technology services.

The company listed Wisetail on its short list of “Training Portals to Watch” for 2015, placing it among the ranks of other global companies that are changing and innovating how industry training and learning works.

Training Industry chose its companies based on criteria such as: new and innovative ways to serve the customer and unique solutions to teaching/learning challenges.

Out of the 20 companies chosen. approximately half are based in the U.S., and Wisetail is the only one representing Montana. The startup from Bozeman is winning contracts up against $1 billion competitors, and winning budgets that are up to 100 times that of its own. The once-tiny startup in Bozeman has turned heads since its start in 2009, built from zero and without any outside financing. The company’s 100 percent growth each year has gone a long way in getting the Bozeman business outside attention.

The e-learning and employee engagement company attributes its success and global notice to two things that cannot be refuted — elite, happy clientele and results. Look forward to Wisetail’s Learning Ecosystem to continue to deliver solid results and further empower companies to help their employees work smarter and learn effectively.

The company launched a charitable giving portion of its company this year, Wisetail Works, for the global company to make a local impact on the economic, social and environmental health of its home state.

Source: Montana Associated Technology Roundtables


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