Billings Chamber of Commerce ACCE’s top in U.S.

BILLINGS, Mont. — The Billings Chamber of Commerce was chosen as top chamber nationwide, according to the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). Out of 7,000 chambers, The ACCE designated Billings’ chamber worthy of its top honor based on the chamber’s impact on the community’s citizens and its impact on business growth and longevity.

The chamber’s commitment to quality of life for the Billings community is measured by several factors, all which are taken into account when evaluating for the chambers for the prestigious designation. These include net revenue, reserve funds, membership retention and membership revenue retention.

Meeting these criteria, the chamber then completes a rigorous application process, including outlines of initiatives that show its success. In this case, The Billings Chamber submitted the Chamber of the Future initiative with community outreach to develop projects that the citizens are most interested in, and the Billings Trail initiative to refurbish and further build biking and walking trails within the community.

Source: Big Sky Business Journal


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