Energize your career with Northwest Energy openings

MONTANA — Montana-based Northwestern Energy just might be the place to take your career to the next level. The energy company that serves Montana as well as Nebraska and South Dakota has several positions available in Montana, and is looking for the best and brightest skilled laborers to fill them.

Northwest Energy is currently advertising several positions across the state, including Butte, Billings, Roundup and Bozeman. Positions include a contacts administrator in Billings and a journeyman lineman in Roundup. The company offers competitive pay for laborers who have what it takes to contribute to one of the largest energy providers in the region. The majority of jobs advertised are full-time and permanent, and some temporary with possible extension.

For more information on the company, visit the company website. For specific information about jobs offered, visit the job listings here, or contact the Montana branch of Northwestern Energy at (888) 467-2669.

Source: Montana Associated Technology Roundtables, Northwestern Energy


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