U of M, Galactic Farms learning to grow up, not out

MISSOULA, Mont. – As spaces for gardens become increasingly a backyard institution, there are a few enterprising souls at University of Michigan (U of M) that are helping those with new ideas and limited space see the possibilities by thinking up, not out. The future of gardening may very well be vertical gardens – ones that can be cultivated on the sides of buildings, inside large spaces or even on rooftops, bringing nature’s bounty to your table not far from your door.

The university is currently working on prototypes for different interpretations of the kitchen garden, and is helping reshape the concept of “sustainable” in the mean time. Vertical gardening not only eliminates the need for a large amount of space, but also cuts down on transportation and maintenance costs.

These vertical gardens can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, and proponents say it is the future of gardening if we are to keep up with farming, especially with limited resources and space in mind.

“In the next five years, they expect indoor ag to be about a $20 billion industry in the United States. In China right now one-fourth of their food is grown indoors,” Galactic Farms Jeff Pernell said.

Image courtesy of Galactic Farms

Source: KPAX.com

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